Hope For Winter

by Christopher Steve

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Hope Without Reason
Reason Without Action
Action Without Hope


released March 21, 2017

Recorded on October 22nd, 2016 in Salem, Indiana
Engineered and mixed by Robbie Sherman
Mastered by Stephen Hoffman

Chris Latta: Vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass
Robbie Sherman: Slide guitar on "Hard To Breathe Blues"



all rights reserved


Christopher Steve Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: On The Inside
Where do you look when you are
Finally on the inside
Do you just close your eyes
And enjoy your long sought win
Do you just study the scars
And what else they may hide
Or do you just mock the cries
Of others who want in

The grass so green turns to brown
All I've seen been lies
Spent so long keeping me down
Looking through green eyes

When you first came inside
Was it through an open door
Welcoming upon your find
Or did you have to knock
Did you leave it open wide
For others to explore
Or did you slam it behind
Hoping they can't pick a lock


Do you know how long you'll stay
Within these soothing walls
I can only wonder
Who would ever try to leave
Not a price he wouldn't pay
Oh, can you hear his calls
Leave him in the thunder
And soon he will be retrieved

Track Name: The Collage (For Ellie)
My one chance at a normal life
Was one that I threw away
I don't seem to regret it
At least not today
All my friends hate each other
So no one else feels betrayed
And I have saved enough
To cover the hell to pay

I'm no longer the man I was
It seems that I have lost my cause
Or rather that it has been dropped
But I can't say that I'm too shocked

What happened to the man who begged
For this love to commence
Who thought that nothing else mattered
Whose longing never relents
The reality of my leap
Is such a shallow defense
For there were plenty of others
Who I shared in the events


So now it's the end
I'll try to pretend
That I'm a man of my word
Now that she is gone
It's time to move on
It's not the first time it's occurred
The closure I sought
Will never be caught
I didn't want it anyway
Add this sabotage
To the growing collage
And we'll see who will pay

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Hope For Winter
The sun looks down on a calm winter noon
Bright as it'd be any summer or spring
Lacking the heat though it too lacks the burn
Rewarded the most when the least it does bring

This is when it will be noticed the most

Sow your seeds down into the cold ground
Demand what was abandoned mere months prior
Bears emerging and scouring their lands
Return to their caves with unquenched desire

Hope without reason
Reason without action
Action without hope

Summer is gone and autumn's not yet arrived
I've a harvest gathered through the year
What is captured and what will escape
When the winter returns here

Nothing ventured is nothing gained
But we will cope
Track Name: Endorphins
Child looks to his mother
As he's laid down to sleep
He will never know
The company that she keeps
She goes to her bedroom
Where her lovers creep
Caught in an embrace
That's drilling in deep

I can't say I'd known her
I can't say I'm surprised
Shame and sadness knowing
Once before she'd tried
No love in the smile
That faced her as she died
Jealousy and mocking
Those who were left behind

Endorphins engulf her
Ensnaring their prey
So long to arrive
So quickly they decay
Careful not to wake him
She knows that it can't stay
A new life together
After one last lay


Child dead in his cradle
In the morning light
An evening of crying
With no mother in sight
He had tried to join her
Faded in the night
The snare of her lover
Had kept her held tight
Track Name: Hard To Breathe Blues
It's hard to breathe
Making sense of what I'd done
So hard to believe
Making sense of what I'd done
The shock in her eyes
Looking down my loaded gun

I try to run
Everyone knows my name
I try to hide
Everyone knows my name
They see the signs
And they know that I am to blame

I feel like I'm sinking
I must've been possessed
I feel like I'm shrinking
I must've been possessed
You know I've been thinking
Why didn't I just let her rest

Until I die
In this bitter empty space
I'll sit and cry
In this bitter empty space
It's an image of pleasure
That will never be erased
Track Name: Outside My Eye
Black dog within my dreams
A grim omen a threat
But that's not how it seems
For she was once my pet
Seeing my grandfather die
The memory of him I bare
And sometimes I wonder why
For I was never there

Hearing the strangest sound
Of chairs across the floor
Furniture is moved around
Knocking behind my door
Walking past the dark wood
A feeling I can't trace
I have never understood
The heat breathed in my face

Are the spirits I conceive
The ones that I knew
(Outside my eye)
Am I out to relieve
The pain that I've been through
(Outside my eye)
Never got to say goodbye
During my time with you
(Outside my eye)
But with you outside my eye
I never needed to
(Outside my eye)

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: The Killing Smoke
Lying down in my bedroom
Trying to get some rest
But the countless thoughts consume
And will not be suppressed
So paranoid about today
With tomorrow bringing fright
Thinking of the come what may
Keeps me up till' morning light

Chorus 1:
Seems like you will never know
Just how wounded you are
Till' a wave of salty sea
Caresses all your scars

Trying to trace the point where
Eyes closed becomes true sleep
But it seems you're never there
For it's not a stab but a seep
Like the smears upon the text
That don't strike but rather slip
Expecting a sword's thrust next
As the poisons miss my lips

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Feel the flames beneath your feet
As you are bound to the stake
But the smoke will kill you faster
Than the fire takes